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Here are the various services we have available to all business owners.

They are numbered in sequence of what you should be doing, step-by-step. If you already have some of these in place, that's great... or you may wish to review what you're currently doing and make changes based on our recommendations.

SBSC Members and Gold Members receive discounts on these services and also priority response support.

Click on each blue heading for more information.

The Quick Start Business Package
Includes helping you setup items 1, 2, and providing you number 3,
it's an "all in one package" priced to get you going fast.

1 - Choosing A Great Domain Name
You need to really think about the domain name of your website. It can affect how easy it is to communicate to people verbally, and also has an affect on how well you rank in search engine results. And you should be careful who your domain registrar is, and be sure that your domain is registered in your name and not owned by someone else.
2 - Get A Reputable Website Host
After you obtain your domain name it's time to choose what company will provide you webhosting. There's lots of choices out there, and as you can imagine a lot of mistakes that can be made. We'll introduce you to the hosting company we use and are comfortable in recommending to you.

3 - Website and blog design
Let's face it, your website and blog are your virtual business location or store on the internet. Just like your physical location, your website and blog needs to be designed to be inviting to your prospects and customers, convey your unique marketing message and offers in a clear way, and ask your visitors to take an action toward building their relationship with you and your business. 

4 - Google Places Listing
Your website simply must be seen in the top local listings for the search results of your business type and location to get you the results you want from your internet marketing efforts. Google Places are the listings of local business that are highlighted with the little red balloon next to their name, a link to a "Place Page", and your physical location is highlighted on the interactive map on the side of the page. 

5 - YouTube video production and business promotion using YouTube
There's no doubt about it, video has taken over the internet and how millions of people get their information and entertainment too. YouTube is the highest traffic video platform on the internet and you can use it to your advantage to promote your business and get more traffic to your website too.

6 - Email Marketing System PRO
Email is THE one common denominator application of the internet. You absolutely have to build your database of prospect and customer names and email addresses. This allows you to send them instant information from your website, plus follow-up automatically with a series of messages, and broadcast your special announcements to all of your prospects or customers, or both. It's a must have.

7 - Mobile website design and hosting
Today there are more mobile phones than computers, and that number keeps getting bigger and bigger every day. And people want instant access information on their mobile phones when they want to find out about you, what you have to offer, how to contact you, and how to locate you.

8 - Text Messaging To Mobile Phones
Imagine being able to text message your special offers directly to your prospects and customers, and you continually build your lists of people who willingly accept your offers and want to hear from you. This is an awesome way to drive more profits directly to your bottom line! 

9 - Shopping Carts and Merchant Accounts For Online Ordering
One of the great things about doing business on the internet is being able to take orders and payment online from your customers and clients. There's a variety of options and we will make the process easy for you.

10 - Website promotion
Just like you wouldn't just open a business location and then not tell anyone where you are, you can't expect to get visitors to your website without promoting it and attracting web visitors to click and come on over. There are some little known SEO strategies that can be used to get higher search rankings and more web traffic coming to you quickly.

11 - Social Media Package (Facebook and Twitter)
The playing field has changed. No longer can you just have a website that tells and sells, now you need to have more open and conversational communications with your prospects and customers where everyone can watch what's being said. This can be scary, but ever so powerful to generate and leverage great "word of mouse" when done effectively.

12 - Using QR Codes To Promote Your Products and Services
You've probably seen the little black and white squares on TV, in magazines, and even signage on vehicles and buildings. These QR codes open up a whole new world of connecting mobile devices to your business.


13 - BlogTalkRadio - host your own radio show on the internet
Talk about getting yourself known as an expert or the happening place to be, this is a fast way to do it. You can host and broadcast your own radio show on the internet for free! People can listen live or hear the archived playbacks of your shows too, and there's lots of different approaches you can take in presenting your unique offers.

14 - Consulting and Creative Services
We also offer private consultations to guide you through a variety of internet-based business issues such as: sales copywriting, blog writing, video and audio editing, marketing strategy, autoresponder training, and more. Plus we also offer creative services that you may need to come up with ideas and content for your projects and promotions.


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