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Social Media Package (Facebook and Twitter)

The playing field has changed.

No longer can you just have a website that tells and sells, now you need to have more open and conversational communications with your prospects and customers where everyone can watch what's being said. This can be amazingly powerful in generating and leveraging great "word of mouse" when done effectively.

With Facebook having over 500 million members and Twitter having over 200 million users, you've got to realize that your customers and your prospects are already there, and it's up to you to connect with them and leverage their relationships with others on those social platforms to your business advantage.


Seventeen great ways to use Facebook in your business:

  • Post a professional or business casual photos to for brand reinforcement.
  • Link to your newsletter subscription information in your profile.
  • Connect and share items of interest with others
  • Add your Facebok address to your email signature and any promotional materials (business cards, letterhead, postcards, etc.) so prospects can learn more about you.
  • Post quick business updates on your wall.
  • Share useful articles and links to presentation and valuable resources that interest customers and prospects to establish credibility and helpfulness.
  • Before traveling, find people in the destination area and meet with them.
  • Research prospects before meeting or contacting them.
  • Find experts in your field and invite them as a guest blogger on your blog or speaker at your event.
  • Market your products by posting discounts and package deals on your page.
  • Use Facebook Connect to add social networking features to your web site.
  • Suggest Friends to clients and colleagues.
  • Buy Facebook ads to target your exact audience.
  • Use Network, Group and Fan Pages to connect with more and more people.
  • Start a group or fan page for product, brand or business. Unless you or your business is already a household name, a group is usually the better choice.
  • Post upcoming events including live local events, online webinars, conferences and other programs where you or someone from your business will be present.
  • Provide answers to questions - have an FAQ page.

Eight great ways to use Twitter in your business:

  • Share. Share photos and behind the scenes info about your business. Give a glimpse of developing projects and events.
  • Listen. Regularly monitor the comments about your company, brand, and products.
  • Ask. Ask questions of your followers to glean valuable insights and show that you are listening.
  • Respond. Respond to compliments and feedback in real time.
  • Reward. Tweet updates about special offers, discounts and time-sensitive deals.
  • Demonstrate wider leadership and know-how. Reference articles and links about the bigger picture as it relates to your business.
  • Champion your stakeholders. Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by your followers and customers.
  • Establish the right voice. Twitter users tend to prefer a direct, genuine, and of course, a likable tone from your business, but think about your voice as you Tweet. How do you want your business to appear to the Twitter community?

With our special SBSC Social Media Package, you get:

  • Design and setup of your Facebook and Twitter business pages that coordinate with your main website and/or physical business location
  • Special Facebook apps are installed to encourage people to "Like" your business page and automatically tell their friends that they've done so
  • Special Facebook apps are made available to install on your website pages to encourage your visitors to share your content with their Facebook friends
  • Special Twitter software that allows you to manage your Twitter account with features such as multiple lists, pre-scheduled and time-released "tweets" (outgoing messages)
  • Little known Facebook and Twitter strategies to tap into your local marketplace with your marketing messages and offers

SBSC Social Media Package pricing:

$997 design and setup fee - includes both Facebook and Twitter

Please note: SBSC Members and Gold Members get a $100 discount on the design and setup fee (Members and Gold members, please look on your member page to request your Social Media package).

Click here now to get your Social Media Package



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