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Using QR Codes To Promote Your Products And Services

You've probably seen the little black and white squares on TV, in magazines, and even signage on vehicles and buildings. These QR codes open up a whole new world of connecting mobile devices to your business.

Each QR Code created is delivered in two graphic formats, PNG and EPS (EPS can be blown up into large size usage for signage and other large format needs). We can also provide these in a variety of custom colors, please note that it's important to have highly contrasting colors when using QR codes (black on white, medium blue on white... light yellow on white would not be good).

Here's an example - scan this image with your smartphone using a QR code reader app, you will be able to visit the home page of SmallBizSuccessCoach.com:

Using our special SBSC QR Code Creation service, each custom made QR Code can allow mobile phone users to do one of the following:

  • go directly to any website URL you choose, it could be your home page or a specific product or offer page
  • go directly to your social platform accounts to follow and like you
  • get your contact information
  • call you on the telephone
  • send a text message to a phone number via SMS (this is great combined with our Text Messaging To Mobile Phones service)
  • show your business location on Google Maps
  • send an SMS text to a short code
  • and other uses we dream up over time :-)

SBSC QR Codes Creation service:

$69 fee per QR Code

Please note: SBSC Members and Gold Members get a $20 discount on the QR Code fee (Members and Gold members, please look on your member page to request your QR Code package).

Click here now to get your QR Codes Created now

NOTE: We are currently updating the QR Codes ordering system, please contact us if you are interested in setting this up for your business.


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