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BlogTalkRadio - host your own radio show on the internet

Talk about getting yourself known as an expert or the happening place to be, this is a fast way to do it. You can host and broadcast your own radio show on the internet for free! People can listen live or hear the archived playbacks of your shows too, and there's lots of different approaches you can take in presenting your unique offers.

With our special SBSC BlogTalkRadio Package, you get:

  • set-up of your BlogTalkRadio Account
  • produce a 30 minute test show with you
  • schedule and produce your first 30 minute live show
  • 30 minutes is included to talk about the system to demonstrate of how various elements work, such as title tags, descriptions, the blog, chat, favorites and friends
  • provide email access for questions for 30 days

SBSC BlogTalkRadio package pricing:

$997 fee

Please note: SBSC Members and Gold Members get a $100 discount (Members and Gold members, please look on your member page to request your YouTube video production and business promotion package).

Click here now to get your BlogTalkRadio Package



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