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"If you own any kind of ‘brick and mortar’ or ‘Main Street’
kind of business and you're looking to increase your
sales and profits using the most effective no-cost
and low-cost marketing strategies, both offline
and online, then this is for you!"

Dear Fellow Business Owner:

Hi, my name is Mark Hendricks.

You’ve probably noticed your customers are changing how they hear about you, how they want to get information from you, and how they tell their friends about you. And with all you have to do to keep your business going and cash-flowing, it gets harder and harder to keep up with the new ways of attracting prospects, converting them to sales, and turning them into to raving fans so they tell their friends that your business is the one to choose.

I've put this website together just for you. I invite you to click around - listen, watch and read...and signup for some of the free offers you'll find as you get to know me better.

The SBSC Program <-click for all details
Here's where you can get access to everything available to Small Biz Success Coach members (there's lots of benefits, privileges, and member only discounts included).

Audios, Videos, and Special Reports
I've got lots of audios and videos for you to watch on a variety of marketing and business topics. Check out the Special Reports that are available for download (especially the "7 Secrets" report).

Live Workshops
Discover how you can come to a live workshop with me and create your own strategic plan for your business that will get the results you want.

An introduction to the services we offer small business owners, from personal coaching to creating websites and blogs, to creating Facebook and Twitter pages, and making mobile websites, and more.

Comments From Others
See what others have to say and take advantage of a very special free offer that can change your business and life in fifteen minutes.

Software and information products created by myself and others that I recommend highly.

Here's where I post little updates and share things I've found that you would find interesting.

If you are a member of a group that looks for a great speaker to educate, encourage, and enlighten entrepreneurs, click this area to learn more.

About Mark
A little about me and how you can benefit from my experience.

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